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I just want to put out some tips for the battlegrounds. After hitting 70, you will most likely be hitting the BGs until you want to puke. So, I thought I would help everyone with some advice. Especially, when I've seen so many, many people fuck it up and lose the BG for everyone.

Arathi Basin
A king-of-the-hill-ish game where you fight to control the 5 nodes on the map and collect enough resources to win the match.
Let me make one thing clear. I HATE Arathi Basin. Those of you who know me know all too well how much I hate it.
- The key to AB is, obviously, defense. When you capture a node, don't run away thinking you'll capture the other 4 with a snap of a finger. If you leave the node, make sure either you or at least 2 others are defending it. Never leave another guy alone to defend. 1 person cannot watch the flag while a fuckload of allys gang rape you.
- Call out inc's. (incoming) While you're defending, as soon as you see an enemy player come towards you, call out "inc's" It lets everyone else know that you're gonna need more help at your flag. And as long as they're not already defending another node, or jacking off behind their keyboard, they should be heading your way.
- Patience. You need this the most. You gain resources when you capture nodes. You don't gain them very fast, though. So a lot of waiting is involved. What I'm trying to say is, if you aren't fighting elsewhere, stay at a node and wait for a decent advantage. If you can capture 3 nodes, wait until you have a decent surplus in resources before you start running around trying to capture the rest. Don't get greedy and assume you'll capture all 5 nodes in 5 minutes. That's not gonna happen, unless you have a very organized team.
- Just accept it if you're going to lose. You're not gonna win every round. If the other team is far more organized than you, they will most likely win. And if they have a 10-1 lead on you, you're better off just accepting the loss. Just take the hit, collect your BG mark at the end, and try again. Don't try to capture nodes again when it's obvious you're gonna lose. You're only making the match last longer then needed, thus taking away time that could be better used trying to win another round.

Warsong Gulch
Capture the flag. The goal is to capture the other teams flag and bring it back your base with your own flag uncaptured.
I actually enjoy WG. The games are normally quick and don't require much effort most of the time.
- Make sure the flag carrier has a healer. Whether you are carrying it or not. If you can focus on keeping the flag-carrier with decent health and status-free, you'll be fine. I've seen a lot of games go on forever because they have sometimes 2 or 3 healers constantly healing the flag carrier, thus making it impossible for him to drop it. Of course, if the other team has a healer, target them first so their flag carrier is defenseless.
- If you aren't protecting the flag carrier, attack the other teams flag carrier. Cluster fuck that bitch til he's dead. nuff said.
- If you are the flag carrier, plan your route carefully. Don't run into the middle of an ally lynch-mob and expect to get through scratch free. Go AROUND them. Run the sides of the map. Anything to lessen the chances of confrontation with the enemy. Also, if you have a healer, don't go too far away from them. They can't protect you if you're on opposite sides of the map.

Alterac Valley.
Be the first team to knock out all the other teams reinforcements through tower destruction and killing the general.
By far, the best BG. It's hard to organize AV since it's a 40-man raid, but with a little communication and effort with your team, this BG is a sinch. Complete with it's own mobs and quests, you'll be playing this one the most if you have any sense in you.
- Just like AB, you need to defend the towers you capture. After you capture a tower, you must wait 3 or 4 minutes before it is destroyed and you can move on. During the time, the other team can recapture it if undefended, thus making you wait longer to destroy it and get points. You want to destroy the towers as soon as possible to drastically decrease their points and get a huge chunk of honor. All it requires is waiting 3 or 4 minutes. Be patient and stay til the job is done. The same goes for the graveyards.
- Defend your own towers. If you want to stay and defend your area, then defend it. If a tower is captured, take a bunch of other guys, slaughter the other team, and recapture the tower. You just made it harder for the other team to win. Congratulate yourself. DO IT!
- Kill the generals. For us horde, the enemy generals are Balinda Stonehearth and Van-something Stormpike. Killing them not only gives you a decent honor boost, but prevents the other team from getting buffs from their generals. Also, the most important part, killing Van automatically wins the match. Your team could be sucking ass the whole time, but if you kill Van, you win! Of course, if you are sucking ass, the chances of you killing the general are very slim. You are also a freak and I'm not sure I want to know you...
- Don't be a one-army. Alright, you made it to the other base by yourself and captured a tower in the middle their camp. Congratulations. Now bend over and prepare to raped by the other team. You cannot expect to capture a tower in the middle of their base and hold it by yourself. You're just going to fail because you're an idiot. You're also hurting your own team by not helping them progress together. So stop being stupid and stay with the group. Your ass will thank you.
- Finally, before entering the BG, take some time and accept the quests outside it's main entrance. They're very easy and offer nice rewards. It's also north of Tarren Mill, so you can get some much needed revenge from when you were a lowbie in that area.

Eye of the Storm
Like AB, but with a capture-the-flag element. Collect the most resources to win.
Again, all the rules from AB apply here as well. The only difference is you can also capture the flag to score more points. Thus these matches are a lot shorter than standard AB matches.
- Don't stop capturing the flag. Even if you only have one node, you can still get points if you capture the flag. It also prevents the other team from doing the same. You may not always make a comeback, but at least you're fuckin trying.
- Read the other rules about AB and just replace AB with EotS. There ya go.

Now the most important rule that applys to all the BGs: don't take the matches too seriously! It's a fuckin game! Yelling out "you all suck!" does not help anyone. If you have good advice, share it. Otherwise shut the hell up. Nobody wants to hear you complain! If you really can't stand the way everyone else is playing, just leave the BG. You'll be doing everyone a favor.

That should do it. Feel free to leave your comments and offer your own advice below. Happy hunting!

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